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To make life better because of creativity

      Mimo Creativity technology (shenzhen) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Mimo) is a high-tech company of systematic research and development, production and sales. For the purpose of creative to improve life, Mimo Creativity is  based on  the areas of  the  intelligent equipment, including intelligent environmental protection, intelligent dressing, intelligent protection and service robot.
     "Technology to  serve society,  creativity to improve lives", Mimo creativity is founded by  five  dream  executives  from different  fields, adhering to the core values of "knowledgeable and soldiery ".  Mimo founders  are centered on people living and take full advantage of  their integration in accordance with the length of Shenzhen: location, talents, scientific research and manufacturing. " Mimo  Creativity  make life better for ideas", and strive to become a leader in the field of science and technology creativity through continuous innovation, using smart and Internet technology, based on the research and development, production and sales of intelligent equipment and  robot products.
      Mimo Creativity has its own independent research and development of intelligent breathing mask, which is  an  internet mask so that the users can make social and share the amount of the haze suction within the circle of friends, drawing more friends’ attention to health and environmental protection; and also is a smart mask  with  her own brain recording  the running condition,  where have you been to, reminding you of the external environment and  its  daily maintenance,  so you can have a good control of the mask by using your smart phone.
      Meanwhile, it is a noble mask with a streamlined design, compact structure, and without any attachments on the surface. Transparent and semi-transparent mask, having the features of clear visibility of the face and high-end appearance, are provided for your choice.
      Moreover, it is a mask with super purify function, and has the design of compound purification module on the basis of different pollutants including dust,  oil mist and low VOC concentration.  The purification module has four levels of sterilization paper,  activated  carbon, fiber cotton, and HEPA filter. By adopting the highest H13 in the industry, the efficiency of HEPA for 0.3 um  filtration  can  reach 99.97%, effectively eliminating particulates like dust, pollen and bacteria.
      Besides, it is a highly comfortable mask by using medical grade silicone in the mask and skin  contact  parts  with  high  temperature  disinfection processing and fresh air supply by micro turbine blower to guarantee easy breath, what’s more,  avoiding  the  influence  of external foul air. Importantly, with the heating function, warmth throughout the winter; and with automatic air supply function, make you a cool summer.
      Mimo Creativity will develop more intelligent products continuously to provide you with more services and higher quality of life.

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